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Marlow Kintetic Snatch Rope for SaleAsking ($) :R 1881.87
  Message:The K.E.R.R. was designed and developed by Marlow and British forces to provide fast and effective recovery of armoured vehicles. It allows quick and easy deployment for rapid recovery without the need for special vehicles. The K.E.R.R. works in the following way: One end of the K.E.R.R. is connected to the trapped vehicle and the other to the towing vehicle The towing vehicle accelerates to a maximum speed of 16mph (26kph), snatching the rope with it’s energy The towing vehicle is slowed or halted and it’s kinetic energy is transferred into potential energy within the stretched rope The rope transfers the kinetic energy to the trapped vehicle and after a pause the trapped vehicle rises free If the vehicle is not freed on the first attempt, the process can be repeated Once free, continued towing with the K.E.R.R is possible Construction: 8 Strand high grade nylon Colours: White, Olive Drab, Desert Sand Termination: 450mm Protected soft eye splice each end
Never Been Used Still Under Warranty
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  Date Created:5/12/2014 8:19:05 AM
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  Name:Darrell Strydom
  Contact Info:021 511 3244
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