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Environmental Officer


Duties of the Environmental Officer (Constitution)

·        Ensure that every member and guest on every outing or event behaves in an environmentally friendly manner.

·        To report any incident of misconduct in respect of the environment to the Committee.

Main Objectives

Promote adherence to the environmental guidelines to all club member, his/her guest or his/her dependent as per the guidelines in the Constitution of 4X4 Cape Club

Fauna & Flora

·        Preserve the fauna and flora.

·        Never disturb animals as it may affect their survival.

·        Obey fire restrictions and always extinguish camp fires when leaving a site.

·        Take out what you brought in (never bury litter).

·        Leave only foot-steps.

Responsible Driving

·        Obey the traffic laws.

·        Drive defensively and set the example to others.

·        Be friendly and courteous to other road users.

·        Assist 4x4 drivers that are immobile.

·        Do not drink and drive.

·        Keep to existing roads and tracks, be sensitive to eco systems.

·        Plan trips carefully prior to departure and take sufficient food, water, fuel and remember to stock the first-aid kit.

Fellow Human Beings

·        Respect the right of privacy, peace and solitude of other humans.

·        Refrain from encroaching on another member’s space and privacy

·        Positive communication.

·        Maintain and enforce a code of conduct for Club members

·        Obtain permission prior to drive on or over private land.

Complaints and Discipline

·        Any member, his guest or his dependent may be guilty of misconduct if he: -

o   drives in a reckless, negligent or irresponsible fashion,

o   wilfully causes damage to any vehicle other than his own,

o   drives under the influence of alcohol

o   endangers the life or property of any member or third party at any event or outing.


·        All complaints alleging misconduct shall be reduced to writing and submitted to the Secretary prior to the Committee meeting immediately following an incident.

·        The Committee shall consider the:

o   charges and

o   may obtain evidence from other members who were witnesses.

·        If there is substance to the charges the person charged with misconduct may be summoned to appear in front of the Committee. Person(s) charged may state their defence, but may not be represented by a third party.

·        The Committee shall consider all facts pertaining to the charge(s) and find the accused guilty or not guilty.

·        A person charged and found guilty shall be liable to one or more of the following:

o   Cautioned;

o   Reprimanded;

o   Fined, (sole discretion of the Committee);

o   Ordered to make good the damage he caused to other parties;

o   Suspended for a period not exceeding the rest of the financial year;

o   Expelled from the Club.

·        The reason for the decision of the Committee shall be made known to the accused.

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