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Drivers Briefing


Drivers Briefing

ยท        Before driving a 4x4 Route or departing for a 4x4 venue a drivers briefing is held.

Points Covered in the Briefing:


  1. Identify the Trail Leader
  2. Identify the Safety Officer
  3. Identify the Tail Gunner
  4. Note the time of departure
  5. Estimate the time of completion
  6. Safety Measures ( Safety Officer to note)
    1. Recommended Speed
    2. Following Distance
    3. Position in Convoy
    4.  Identify procedure to be followed in the case of a breakdown, person responsible for assistance
    5. Wear your seatbelt at all times, except for water crossings
    6. Windows halfway closed, when driving side angles > 30degrees
    7. Tie down any loose items in your 4x4
    8. If you are not part of the recovery, stay clear to avoid possible injury
    9. Do not attempt obstacles you are not comfortable with, or use the escape route. Inform the Trail Leader of your decision.
    10. If you do not make the obstacle after the 3rd try, use the escape route
    11. Damage the trail, your will fix it
    12. If uncertain, ask for help
  7.  No Co-Driver, no trail driving for Grade 4 and Higher
  8. Minimize the environmental impact on the trail by lowering tyre pressure according to suggested levels for 4x4 route. Failure to comply will put you at the rear of the convoy by intruction of the Trail Leader.

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